Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is about getting to the top of search engines for relevant search queries.

Effectively search engines evaluate sites against three criteria:

upriseUP have developed methods and practices that can best improve your website’s organic position and traffic volumes. We help to create the content that your audience is looking for, ensure that your site rewards users with a positive experience whilst also making sure that all of this great content is appropriately flagged to search engines.


SEO isn’t free. There is lots of work that needs to be done, but we think that effectively targeting audiences when they are looking for your products and services is worth the effort. And we have seen some fantastic results.

SEO Products We Offer…

SEO Audits

Our audits analyse sites for any factors which may be affecting search engine rankings. We explore how easily search engines can access your site, identify barriers for indexing pages and highlight opportunities for improvement.


Making client’s lives easier is extremely important. Our audits use very clear language; we highlight quick wins as well as opportunities that may take time to deliver.


We also like to spend time with clients to run through their site and explain our recommendations so that we can then work together to develop next steps. Basically we work hard to ensure that real change can be applied on client websites – then we can get on to the next phase, monitoring progress and seeing improved returns!

What type of SEO audits are available?


Our infrastructure SEO audits consider a variety of SEO factors, including technical performance and how well a site can be indexed.


Our content audits identify important keywords that your audiences are looking and then evaluate the copy, identify new copy opportunities and advise on structure and meta tags.

For more information on the scope of these audits, check out our SEO audits page.

SEO Management

SEO management involves us optimising your site and monitoring the effect that these changes, your competition’s efforts and Google’s developing algorithm are having to your position in search. Our developments are all ethical – we don’t try to deceive search engines, that will never work as a long term strategy. Our work will often involve content creation, meta tag optimisation, link acquisition and penalty removal (where needed).


We like to work closely with clients and produce a monthly report to ensure clients are updated with the progress we are making each month.

  Content Creation

Content should inform, entice and excite your users! Creating successful, good quality copy requires the copywriter to perform a balancing act. The copy must be optimised for search engines, should carry a strong message and most importantly, should appeal to your target audience!


Our team of copywriters are excellent writers as well as SEO marketers. We are able to use this specialist knowledge to develop all-round great content to satisfy all parties. We are creative individuals who will be able to provide a fresh perspective on your site content.

  Website Migration Consultancy

When you’re looking to migrate across to a new website this is a critical time to consider SEO.


We offer expert and extensively-experienced technical SEO advice to help you along every stage of the process. We like to make sure things are done properly. SEO factors should be considered within the early planning stages of site development to eliminate the risk of losing organic search traffic. Don’t let all your hard work on both your existing site and new site go to waste.


We can tailor our offering to suit your requirements and stage in the process.

  Local Search

More and more users are now using search engines to search for local services, especially using mobile devices. The algorithm for determining local SEO rankings is very different to standard SEO. Local SEO will help to improve your visibility on search engine result pages, assisting with getting your brand in front of your target audience.


Result pages are very competitive, however with proper use of local SEO factors, you can improve your positioning. upriseUP would be happy to assist you with driving local visitors to your site. We would begin by firstly auditing your online presence. We can then tailor our offering to your specific requirements.

  Competitor Analysis

The online marketplace evolves quickly and monitoring your online competitors is a good way of spotting possible weaknesses in your current SEO strategy. Reviewing this can help to identify potential opportunities you could be taking advantage of!


Our Competitor Analysis can either start from a list of known competitors that you’d like us to review, or from our own research into your website’s keywords. We will then review how your site compares against these specific competitor sites. Following this, we will consider how your site can incorporate successful strategies into your own SEO practices.

  Penalty Removal

If you encountered a sharp drop in organic traffic around the time of a Google update, it’s very likely that your site has received a penalty. Fear not! Many of these algorithm penalties can be rectified easily by making changes to your SEO strategy. The other type of penalty is a manual penalty, you will be alerted to this through a message from Google within Google Search Console.


Whichever penalty you may have received, we’re here to help! Get in touch today and we can discuss how we can help with your specific penalty problem. We can also carry out ‘preventative’ penalty audits, if you have been using outdated SEO practices, you may be at risk of being awarded a penalty in the future.


Building links is still an important process for improving a website’s page rank in natural search. Search engines still see inbound links from good quality sites of similar themes as being a positive indication that the site they are linking to has good quality content.


Search engines have recently become much better at effectively judging the quality of the links pointing to sites. Thankfully gone are the days of sites using cheap links – or even ‘link farms’ to mass-produce links from poor quality sites. These sites are now penalised and the penalties are hard to remove (OK, yes we can help with penalty removal but sites really are better off getting an effective link building strategy from the start).

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