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About Us

Digital Media Revolutionaries.

We get up in the morning to do good. And to help others do good.

We exist to make you better. To stand for something, not anything. To question mediocrity and make a difference.

We challenge ourselves on a daily basis to exceed the expectations we set. To push our clients with the work we do. Together we can go beyond everything that’s average. And deliver exceptional thinking and expertise.

Ensuring that great organisations can rise up.

Who loves working with us?

You want to make the world better with digital media.

You are determined to bring your organisation through difficult times, and help it thrive.

You are unwilling to waste budget or time in getting your message across.

You focus carefully on your audience.

You are relentless in finding new opportunities.

You will make the changes.

You will achieve exceptional results through continuous improvement.

You will lead the charge against mediocre.

You are one of the heroes that are going to help make the world better. You seek expertise and insights to support you. You want to be able to challenge your agency and be challenged by them.

Supporting your mission is what drives us. Our agency is built to ensure your success.

Experts in Digital Media.

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We’re a relentless digital media agency that stands up for socially positive organisations. We work alongside you, ready to challenge and be challenged, all in the name of continuous improvement. You should expect nothing less than media that brings solid, transparent data - from which you can isolate every component in your campaigns. At Uprise Up, every step we take has the data to back it up. The focus is always on results.

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John Onion

Managing Director

John Onion is the MD of Uprise Up and Digital Benchmark Ltd. He is truly committed to making digital media work harder for charities, using data, honesty, and an incredible understanding of the digital landscape to do so. With numerous Drum and Third Sector awards under his belt, John is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to supporting charities with their digital marketing. He regularly gets directly involved in client accounts and is always available for any questions or queries sent his way.

Ben Tuck

Director of Strategy

Ben Tuck is our resident Director of Strategy and if something is going on in the digital media world that he doesn’t know about, then it’s not worth knowing. Our analytics and planning mastermind, Ben is an incredible strategist and jumps straight in with any clients that need an objective view of their direction or top-level plan. Not only does Ben quickly pick up the nuances of the challenge in front of him, but he’s an excellent presenter, incredibly organised and genuinely cares about all of the clients we work with.


Susan Lambiase

Head of Operations

Susan Lambiase is Head of Operations for Uprise Up and has worked in the industry for more than 20 years. She is dedicated to ensuring all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted (amongst a whole heap of other responsibilities) in the most effective way for both the agency and our clients. There’s not an area of the agency Susan doesn’t understand inside out and she is the go-to for any queries that you think no one will know the answer to.

Diane Barrowsmith

Head of Marketing and Community Engagement

Diane Barrowsmith has two hats within Uprise Up. Not only is she our Head of Marketing, but she is also the Head of Engagement for the Charity Digital Benchmark. This means Diane jumps between a data-driven community tool designed to help charities use their data more effectively, and the marketing of the agency itself through every tool at her disposal. Diane has over 12 years of experience in marketing – both commercial and not-for-profit – and brings a huge amount of insight and knowledge to the team.

Jonny South

Account Director

Jonny South is an Account Director for Uprise Up and works with some of our biggest and most complex clients. Organised to the hilt and committed to providing exemplary service, Jonny is a lynchpin of the day-to-day running of our client accounts and relationships. Jonny has worked with some huge charity clients across the UK and his knowledge of the industry and client requirements are beyond impressive. He has a strong eye for detail, and a work ethic to match, and is a huge asset to both the Uprise Up team and our clients.

Dave Elliott

Head of SEO

With more than 12 years’ experience as an SEO, Dave has worked with reputable brands such as Barclays and Monster Jobs both in-house and through agencies. A technical SEO who loves to delve into page speed issues and SERP analysis, Dave has challenged himself to branch out throughout his career and cover all aspects of the trade. From migrations to Magento, from Shopify to strategy there isn’t much he hasn’t worked on.

Stacey Barton

SEO Manager

As Manager of the SEO team, Stacey helps our clients become more visible in search. She also uses her significant experience in Outreach and Digital PR to help clients build brand authority and awareness.

Begum Kaya

SEO Manager

Passionate about technical SEO and content strategy, Begum thrives on collaborating with other digital marketing teams, building data driven strategies and speaking at industry conferences. As a dedicated yogini and mindfulness advocate, she aspires to bring a holistic balance to her work and help everyone thrive.

Rob Nettleton

SEO Assistant

With a background in both computing and climate advocacy, Rob relishes his role helping charities extend their reach through paid search campaigns. Outside work hours, he loves watching horror movies and writing stories.

Will Rhodes

Senior Paid Media Manager

Will Rhodes is our Senior Paid Media Manager and is our font of all knowledge when it comes to Google Ad Grants, paid search, programmatic, and all things paid social. If Meta is launching a new proposition you can bet Will already knows about it, has looked into it in depth, and knows if you will benefit from it or not. He leads a team of analysts, consultants, and assistants who all support with managing day-to-day paid media accounts. Will is the definition of a hard worker and is dedicated to making sure he and the team are delivering outstanding results.

Dan Biggs

Paid Media Consultant

Specialising in analytics and shopping, Dan has worked in our Paid Media team for many years, with experience on clients of all shapes and sizes. In his free time, Dan loves to walk his dog Watson and watch some of the worst movies ever made!

Neil Turner

Paid Media Consultant

Having worked with Google Ads for over 20 years across 15 different sectors, for many well-known brands, Neil has a huge wealth of experience when it comes to Paid Search. Neil particularly loves diving into a new account, finding new opportunities for his clients.

Lewis Bowler

Digital Media Data Executive

With a data engineering background Lewis enjoys getting results for paid media campaigns. He is a fan of cooking and reading old horror novels.

Jessica Geneen

Paid Media Executive

Jessica Geneen is one of our Paid Digital Media Assistants who supports clients with campaigns across the charity industry. Jessica puts her heart and soul into understanding the objectives and aims of every client she works with, and is committed to providing outstanding client service, effective campaigns at every level, and attention to detail that is second to none.

Ellis Cutten

Digital Media Data Assistant

With a background in data analytics, Ellis enjoys using his analytical and technical skills to support the Paid Media Team. Outside of work hours he supports his local football team (Hemel Town FC) and enjoys taking his dogs for long walks. 

George Wellington

Digital Media Data Assistant

George Wellington is one of our Digital Media Data Assistants and our resident technical problem-solver. He spends most of his time working on our Digital Benchmark side of the business, supporting members with technical fixes to their analytics or developing world-class updates to the dashboard itself. George won’t stop until he’s worked out a solution to a problem no matter how big or small, and he’s a huge asset to both the marketing team at Uprise Up and the technical team on the Benchmark.

Jamie Bradford

Paid Media Digital Assistant

With a degree in business and further qualifications in web development, Jamie Bradford sits within our paid media team as one of our Paid Media Digital Assistants. His commercial knowledge helps clients understand their campaigns and data, and his ability to ask the right questions means he gets to grips quickly with any campaigns sent his way. He’s always got a smile on his face and is a real joy to work with.

Sian Russell

Office Executive

Sian supports Susan on the Operations Team, looking after the day-to-day finance and operational needs of Uprise Up and particularly enjoys working with all of our clients, new or long standing to ensure things run as smoothly as possible. Sian is always happy to help where possible.

Our Values.

Champion heartfelt camaraderie.

Bravely grab the standard, and run.

Relentlessly pursue continuous improvement.

Lead the charge for effective, transparent data.

Make the world better.

Meeting the needs of Procurement

As a procurement lead in the aftermath of COVID-19, your role is crucial. You’ll need to maintain or improve levels of service, but with increased quality. And for less cost.

As an agency, we are a more innovative solution, shaped to support these needs. We may look different from many of the other agencies on your pitch list, but we provide an advantageous alternative.

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