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Tips For The New AdWords User Interface (UI)

New AdWords Interface

Getting Used to the New AdWords UI


As we all know, change is awful and should never happen. However, Google are dragging us kicking and screaming into the new AdWords UI and no matter how much we protest the future of paid search is here to stay.

Here are a few things to take note of amidst the transition.


Promotion Extensions

This has been a welcome addition – no more using up valuable ad text characters for your promotion, it will now appear below the ad next to an eye-catching price tag icon.


AdWords Promotion Extension Example


As in the image above you can apply a general promotion, or you can have a special occasion promotion as follows:


AdWords Promotion Extension Occasions


The promotion can be either a percentage discount or a monetary discount in a variety of currencies.

Promotions wouldn’t exist if they didn’t work, and promotion extensions are already proving to work very well, with delighted digital marketers reporting dramatically increased CTR.



Praise be to shortcuts in general – rewiring your brain to use them always takes some time but before long you’ll be jumping around the new interface while your mouse sits neglected.


Google AdWords Keyboard Shortcuts


Google will test and trial new hot keys over time and we expect this to be ramped up in the coming months!


Dimensions rides off into the sunset…

…As Predefined Reports takes its place. Most of the dimensions are still here but others have moved or been done away with entirely (the Search Terms dimension for example was a little redundant).

One that has moved is Call Details – it now has its own columns.


AdWords Call Details


Being the superstar that it is, Devices now has a whole tab just for itself.


Google AdWords Devices Tab


Time is still included in the Predefined Reports but there is a new Ad Schedule tab which offers an easier-to-digest breakdown of day to day results.



Landing Page Mobile Assessment

We’ve all come across web pages that are the opposite of mobile friendly. High bounce rates and low conversions are a given, and they lower the quality score of otherwise brilliant keywords.

In comes the new Landing Page tab to point them out to you, showing a ‘Mobile-friendly Click Rate’ next to each page, helping you to isolate problem areas. Considering most searches now happen via mobile these problem areas have a bigger impact than some might think.


Google AdWords Landing Page Tab
(Image courtesy of adwords.googleblog.com)


The Overview

Probably the most obvious change is the Overview. It’s colourful and bombastic, but is it useful?
Yep. At least parts of it. You can now compare more than two metrics in the graph at the top, which is nice.


Google AdWords Overview Graph


There are also a few helpful modules such as Biggest Changes:


Google AdWords Biggest Changes Report

And a performance heatmap:


Google AdWords Performance Heatmap


See blog posts by Chantal and Dan for more on the Overview.


Call Bid Adjustments

With the new UI Google have rolled out call bid adjustments for mobile. This is welcome news considering calls convert more effectively than clicks do. The adjustments range from -90% to +900% and can be made right here:


Google AdWords Call Bid Adjustments Tab


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