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Responsive Display Ads

What Are Responsive Ads?responsive-gdn-display-ads1

Google started rolling out Responsive Ads for their AdWords Display campaigns late last year at around the same time they introduced new Expanded Ads for Search campaigns.

These new Responsive Ads allow you to combine text and images to generate display banners that can automatically adjust their size, appearance and format to fit the available space across a variety of content types and screen sizes.

This is potentially quite an exciting addition for Display advertising and so we’ve been investigating Responsive Ads for the last few months to see how they perform. We are thrilled with the results and want to share with you why we think they’re worth taking notice of.


The Benefits



Responsive Display Ads fit into any format and adapts to any placement and size. This is beneficial for a number of reasons, the main two being that your ad shows in more places and so you can reach a wider audience, and it means you don’t have to create your own custom creative in all the 15+ different sizes.


You can fit a lot of content into them because they allow you to include a lot of text, as well as an image of your choice and your logo and brand name. More content means you can deliver a more informative ad to communicate your message to your audience.


They are extremely easy and quick to create, especially if you already have a good idea the content you want to include. The image itself can be lifted from your web page if you insert the URL. Google AdWords have made Responsive Ad set-up extremely user-friendly.

Saves time & money

They can save you a lot of time and money because you can use them instead of utilising a designer to generate a creative in all the sizes you need. These are valuable resources that you can use elsewhere in your campaign.


You get a lot of control over your Responsive Ads. You can choose a headline, a description, you can include your company name and logo, as well as choosing the image. They’re very customisable and so the ad can look how you want within reason.


Many of our clients have been pleasantly surprised by how professional and eye-catching responsive ads look. Because of how customisable they are, it is easy to make them look representative of your brand

Perform well

The Responsive Ads we’ve used have performed excellently. There’s been lots of engagement with them and we have not seen any obvious negative effects when using them. In fact, they tend to outperform custom creative because they are so adaptable!


The only downside we can observe is that Responsive Ads can only contain still images and there’s not an option to include animation. However, this is a small price to pay when you’re saving yourself so much time, money and inconvenience. So, unless you have a very specific design in mind that is not compatible with responsive ads, they are definitely worth taking advantage of!

Even if you prefer to use your own creative, we have found that many of our clients find Responsive Ads useful as a temporary interim measure to promote their campaign if their creative takes longer than they expect to create, or if they want to start a campaign earlier than expected a short notice.

Overall, we think Responsive Ads are one of Google’s best additions to AdWords to date and could be useful to almost anyone wanting to invest in AdWords Display Advertising.

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