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What It’s Like to Work in Digital Marketing in 2022- Part 2

We recently sat down with some of the newest members of the team to find out what they think about the digital marketing industry so far, and what their advice would be for individuals looking to land their first gig in digital.

Paid Media Executive, Ross Stratford shares his experience.

Starting out.

For me, entering digital marketing was a step into something entirely new. Coming from a post-graduation retail job, it was a huge difference to begin working in a space with more variety day-to-day. Admittedly, it was a scary step for sure. I hadn’t studied digital marketing beyond a short online course and wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. But with the right guidance and support, I was able to get stuck in straight away.

To prepare for starting at Uprise Up, I took a short course on Google Skillshop. This helped me gain a broader understanding of Google Ads as well as of digital marketing as a whole. It was a great tool for learning about the industry. I’d definitely recommend this for anybody looking to start a career in digital marketing. A few hours on a free course can really help provide you with that extra bit of insight before you start and makes all the technical jargon that bit less scary.

Since starting, I’ve come to realise just how much more there is to digital marketing than meets the eye. I always assumed that the vast majority of digital ads were automatic, so to find out more about the intricacies involved has really changed my view of the industry.

What do you do?


I find myself often having conversations, and explaining to people what I do. My default is to simplify by telling people that some days I’ll be setting up “one of those ads at the top of Google” or setting up ad targeting on Facebook for a client. I find that people are always surprised by how much there is to it. It’s common that I’ll get the reply “oh I thought that was all automated.”

On an average day, work is constantly changing; one moment I’m setting up a new ad campaign for a client, and the next on a call discussing how a different client wants to approach their latest social campaign.

This ever-changing nature makes for very rewarding work. It’s a great feeling when you finally get the breakthrough you’ve been after in setting up a complicated bit of data tracking or seeing that a recent ad campaign has been really successful. Being part of an agency that supports charities makes this impact feels even greater. Being able to deliver a campaign that results in increased donations to an important cause really gives me the feeling that I’m helping people.

Being charity focused has really highlighted to me just how many meaningful causes are out there, and how important it is for all of them to be represented in the digital sector.

Rewarding work.

Being able to see the direct effect my work has within digital on these accounts is something I’ve grown to really like about the industry. Seeing the results quickly and being able to attribute how you got to that point is a huge benefit.  Seeing how this varies across different platforms is always really interesting as well.

In terms of the future of the industry, I’m interested to see the different platforms develop in their own ways. I think Facebook has so much power in its audience targeting and reach abilities, that any evolution within the channel have a considerable impact sector-wide.

If you have any questions about what it’s like to work in digital marketing or would like to share your experience, feel free to send us a message at hello@upriseup.co.uk.

Or get in touch with us through our contact form. 

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