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Why Do Dynamic Marketing Personas Matter for Charities?

Dynamic marketing personas crafted for digital marketing campaigns for charities.

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and trying to keep up with the most recent trends can cause brands to derail from their path. Understanding audiences and keeping the focus on solving their problems is one of the most effective strategies for staying true to your mission and strategy. In a world where users and their search behaviour changes so rapidly, the question is, how is that even possible?

While creating static marketing personas has long been a staple, it’s time to take a step further and embrace personas that reflect changing user behaviours. In this article, we’ll explore how dynamic marketing personas can revolutionise the marketing strategy of charities and keep them ahead in their competitive landscape.

The Limitations of Marketing Personas

Traditional marketing personas are like snapshots frozen in time, offering a static view of your audience. They provide valuable insights initially but fail to keep up with the ever-changing dynamics of search. Relying solely on static personas can lead to missed opportunities and stagnant growth, as user preferences shift and trends evolve.

Understanding Dynamic Marketing Personas

Dynamic personas, in comparison to traditional marketing personas, have the same function but are fluid and responsive. We observe and constantly analyse the shifts in user behaviours online and continuously adapt based on real-time data and user interactions.

Harnessing the power of data analysis and the audience insight from marketing teams, you can identify dynamic marketing personas that evolve, and whose behaviour patterns you can track. Close monitoring ensures that your marketing efforts are always finely tuned to user needs and keep resonating with them.

The Benefits of Dynamic User Personas

Dynamic user personas provide a clear understanding of the target audience, allowing companies to tailor their marketing efforts precisely to the preferences and needs of potential customers – and to keep them up to date. Here are the benefits of creating dynamic user personas for brands:

  • Lead to Informed Decisions: Adapting to the queries of ever-changing audiences encourages marketers to look for data patterns and helps them make more informed, data-driven decisions.
  • Encourage Real-Time Insights: Dynamic personas are built on the most recent datasets, allowing brands to capture the latest trends and user preferences. This enables them to stay agile and respond quickly to changes in the trends.
  • Help Craft Personalised Messaging: With dynamic personas, charities can deliver highly personalised content and experiences to individual users. Once the personas are identified, AB tests can be performed to see which messages resonate more with different audiences, allowing the message to be  refined over time. Personalising messaging in line with evolving personas  enhances both engagement and conversion rates.
  • Improve ROI: By targeting audiences more precisely, brands can optimise their marketing budget and achieve a higher return on investment. Understanding dynamic personas helps brands allocate resources where they will have the most impact.
  • Help Gain Flexibility and Adaptability: As user behaviour shifts, dynamic personas adapt accordingly. This flexibility ensures that your brand stands out from the competition and your marketing strategy remains relevant and effective.

Integrate Personas to Marketing Strategy

To create dynamic personas, start by collecting and analysing real-time data from various touchpoints, including website analytics, social media interactions, and customer feedback. Utilise AI and machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and segment your audience dynamically.

We work with charities to identify their dynamic marketing personas and create content that resonates with each segment, all while keeping  up with the changing trends in their search behaviours.

Steal Our Strategy to Create Your Dynamic Personas

We take various data points into account and merge the findings with our existing knowledge of the user profiles. Our strategy consists of 4 steps:

Step 1:

Get the basic marketing personas from the brand and note all essential traits and interests down. Next, dive into GA4 to identify personas that may stand out.

    1. This can be as simple as creating custom audience segments, or
    2. Targeting users based on interest and then retargeting them to track  the actions taken by users.

Step 2:

Identify the use cases and  patterns associated with each action.

    1. Hotjar can also be a good option here to track the user behaviour across pages
    2. Look at how different actions are preferred by each sub-segment created 

Step 3:

Identify a select group of individuals within each audience segment, using relevant social media channels that fit the profile – e.g. a ‘representer’. Keep an eye on what they’re talking about and engaging in – and build out your SEO plans accordingly to cover any content gaps.

Step 4:

Check in on your site demographics quarterly. Make sure that your groups are still similar sizes and  are still performing the same actions. If not – react accordingly.



Case Study: The Power of Understanding Audience Interests

Pedalo are a London-based web development agency specialising in WordPress and Drupal site development and management. They needed to better understand their audience’s pain points and needs, as well as demonstrate their expertise and authority through informational content and cater to their audience’s searches.

We helped them identify their marketing personas and what they are likely to search for. This helped us craft a more tailored messaging for Pedalo and create content to reach their audiences more effectively.

Pedalo earned new Page 1 rankings, including the featured snippet for ‘How to increase page speed in WordPress’ in June 2021 (it was in position 32 in June 2020).

We credited the success of this page to our understanding of what level of technicality would resonate with Pedalo’s audience and by catering to it accordingly. The announcement of Google’s Page Experience Update meant Pedalo’s new content was a trending topic, accruing additional traffic. 

By understanding and accommodating their target audience, Pedalo increased engagement, achieved higher conversion rates, and sustained growth. Read Pedalo’s marketing persona and content marketing case.

Create Dynamic Marketing Personas for Your Charity

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, static personas are no longer enough. Embracing dynamic personas is the key to staying competitive, relevant, and responsive to your audience’s evolving needs.

By continuously adapting to real-time data, our SEO services for charities can help you create highly personalised, engaging, and effective marketing campaigns for your dynamic marketing personas. Reach out and let’s create a tailored strategy for your brand together.

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