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CPRE Google Ad Grant.

Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) are a national environmental charity, with more than 100 active local groups. They have been standing up for the English countryside for more than 90 years.


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The Problem.

CPRE were already using a Google Grant Account for PPC Advertising but were looking to maximise its potential. The CPRE team wanted to increase traffic to their website, increase awareness of their cause, drive more important actions and qualify for a Grantspro* account.

*The Grantspro programme is no longer open to new applicants.

The Solution.

Uprise Up restructured the account into Campaigns and Ad Groups with defined topics that mirrored the structure of the CPRE website. A tier system was developed with CPRE, and Campaigns were ranked in order of priority. We made sure conversions were being tracked in Google Analytics.

We A/B split ad copy and continually optimised ads, selecting the most relevant keywords to ensure good Quality Scores, and used all available Ad Extensions. With this, alongside continual monitoring and tweaking, we created ads that performed well with good positions, and ensured there was always ‘spend’ available to target the most valuable search queries.

We immediately saw a significant increase in clicks, followed by an increase in valuable conversions including donations, appeals, membership signups and e-newsletter signups. We successfully secured a Grantspro* account for CPRE which increased the available ‘spend’ to $40,000 per month.

Results in detail.

Uprise Up began working with CPRE in January 2014. Clicks increased 353% from 2,896 in Q4 2013 to 13,121 in Q1 2014. Spend also increased 5-7% from $2,606.03 in Q4 to $15,830.84 in Q1 2014.

Cost vs clicks daily

Traffic continued to build and the account was optimised to reach the criteria to qualify for the Grantspro* Programme, maximising the monthly $10,000 spend July – October 2015.

Daily Clicks vs Cost CPRE

Cost vs clicks monthly

We secured the Grantspro account/increased $40,000 monthly spend in January 2016. Since we have been working on the CPRE Account CTR has increased from 0.95% in Q1 2014 to 5.54% in Q4 2016.

Monthly Clicks vs Cost CPRE

CTR quarterly

Before Uprise Up managed the account, Google Ads traffic accounted for just 5.9% of the total traffic to the site, compared to 18.2% in Q1 2014, a 340% increase in number of sessions. In Q4 2016, Google Ads traffic accounted for 30.5% of the total traffic to the CPRE site.

Click Through Rate (CTR) CPRE

“Uprise Up are great to work with and have really boosted CRPE’s profile on Google, helping increase our traffic and support our campaigns. They have been very responsive in promoting specific pieces of work as needed, and we very happy that their efforts enabled us to maximise use of our Google Grant and meet the criteria for the Grantspro Programme.”


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