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With Google constantly making changes and updates to their Ad Grant’s programme, we’ve created a timeline to highlight all of the major events and updates – including the introduction of the Ad Quality filter and the change to policy criteria. We will be updating this post as and when any new details are announced.

17th Oct 2018

Quality Filter Update

Another large quality filter update. It gets worse. Similar to the April update, we saw a 25% fall in clicks on average, and a huge (30%) CTR jump. Clearly, total impressions also fell hugely, showing the Ad Grant ads are simply just not being shown as much as before.

21st Aug 2018

Support Update

upriseUP become a Google Ad Grants Professional agency.

23rd Jun 2018

Support Update

Google announce Ad Grants Certified Professional Community.

24th Apr 2018

Quality Update

There was a large adjustment to the quality filter. We saw a substantial drop in clicks and a corresponding increase in CTR.  We wrote a useful blog in May summing this up in the context of being 5 months on from the changes (

1st Jan 2018

Policy Update

The Ad Grant policies announced in December became live from this date.

14th Dec 2017

Policy Update

The new Ad Grant policies were announced on this date. These consisted of major new requirements for all Ad Grant accounts. The most notable new policies include:

  • A minimum CTR requirement of 5%
  • Restrictions on the keywords allowed to be used
  • Technical requirements based on how an account is structured

1st Aug 2017

Quality Filter Update

First notable tweak to quality filter. This was the first sign that the quality filter was not a simple constant function and can be tweaked. On this date we saw a noticeable (although small compared to later updates!) drop in impression share across all Ad Grant accounts.

Jun 2017

Quality Filter Update

Quality filter announced and first applied to Ad Grant accounts.

The aim of the quality filter is to essentially determine a minimum quality threshold that Ad Grant ads need to pass in order to be shown. This was said to be in response to the fact that Ad Grant ads tend to be of a lower quality than regular Google Ads accounts.

You can read more about this from our blog at the time (

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