One Water SEO Case Study

  CLIENT: One Water


  DATE: 22/10/2018

One Water Logo

The One Water website incorporates both a charity and ecommerce focus; The One Foundation and One Water. Every bottle or carton of One Water funds life-changing clean water projects in the world’s poorest communities.


The One Foundation has a simple vision: a world in which everyone has access to clean as safe water forever.


increase in monthly organic traffic


increase in monthly organic conversions


increase in new users


increase in keyword rankings


The challenge was to increase organic traffic acquired by search engines.


We initially carried out a full technical audit and identified search engine accessibility issues on the homepage


Search engine robots were unable to follow any links from the homepage deeper into the website as the links were inaccessible due to the way the webpage was constructed. Although Google does understand and crawl JavaScript it wasn’t able to discover the links to the country sub folders as they were onclick events in JavaScript.


In addition to the accessibility issues, both http and https versions of the website co-existed, plus the country sub folders had very similar content written in English. Geotargeting wasn’t set up for the content in the different sub folders, allowing pages to self-compete in search results (internal keyword cannibalisation). The country sub folders also weren’t being maintained and content was out of date.


One Water wanted to remove the country sub folders, which meant the domain home page was redesigned to include a new, comprehensive global navigation. This would enable search engine robots and visitors to easily navigate through the website.


Server settings were updated so that the web pages redirected to their HTTPS version.


There was no longer a need for multiple English versions of website content, so it was streamlined to remove the duplicate and out of date content.


By adding more navigation to the domain homepage,, Google and other search engines are now able to successfully crawl the entire website.


Previously lost, credibility acquired via backlinks to can now flow through the website’s new internal linking architecture, improving page authority of priority pages. The user journey is improved as visitors can now navigate through the site more easily with fewer clicks.


Duplicate content and internal content cannibalisation issues caused by the different country sub-folders have been resolved.


Organic sessions significantly increased by 62.76% between October 2018 (pre-website SEO updates) and November 2018. Traffic had previously been down year on year, however upon the release of the SEO updates we saw an immediate improvement in results, with organic sessions increasing to be up 25% year on year in the first week of the launched updates alone.


Organic conversions significantly increased by 67.8% between October 2018 (pre-website SEO updates) and November 2018. This result is enhanced by the fact we identified that tracking of both the contact form and donations submitted was not working correctly prior to the website SEO updates. We fixed the conversion tracking issues before the website SEO updates were undertaken in September 2018.

A brilliant agency with a truly knowledgeable and passionate team…and I’ve had the pleasure of working with upriseUP at 2 different charitable organisations now. Would highly recommend.


Jess Homer, Digital Marketing Manager

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