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Digital fundraising

Now, more than ever, digital media is key to charity fundraising campaigns.

Too many charities hear about the results digital can achieve, without ever seeing them. Mediocre can no longer be acceptable in digital fundraising campaigns. It can work harder.

Our approach to digital fundraising is born out of a decade of specialising in charity-focused digital media. We use our experience to create informed and targeted digital fundraising campaigns that drive down cost per acquisition (CPA) and increase total revenue.

Strategic Consultancy.

Digital fundraising campaigns work best when they are built around an emotive story. For your fundraising campaign, it’s important that you work with an agency that has a lot of experience in creating landing pages that work. By appealing first to the emotional, and then to the logical side of your ideal donor’s brain, we can develop an effective digital fundraising strategy that attracts and converts.


Remarketing is effective for your digital fundraising campaign as it targets those who have already visited your site and as such are already “warm” to your fundraising ask. By combining Programmatic with remarketing, we can drive down the cost of your digital fundraising activities while using solid data to target only those users most likely to convert.

Social Media.

Digital fundraising campaigns have demonstrated the power of social media in recent years. Social media is the perfect platform for fundraising campaigns due to the personal nature of social media feeds. It is important that digital fundraising campaigns on social media evoke an emotive response, and are constantly tested and tweaked to find the best-performing ad content and audiences.

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