Paid Media News Round Up: December 2020

– 7th January 2021 –


Paid Media News Round-Up: December 2020


December has been a relatively quiet month for Paid Media, with Google generating most of the key headlines.

If you want to check out last month’s round-up you can view last month’s summary here. Here are our highlights from the past few weeks:


Update to Google Ads Editor

On the 16th December, Google announced the release of version 1.5 of Google Ads Editor, stating the ‘release includes new tools to help you improve your ad strength, support for additional recommendations, and image extensions‘. Google listed the following updated features:

  • Filter by account, campaigns, ad groups or all items with the same label
  • Filter by label
  • Image extensions
  • Shortcut to jump to previous type
  • Improved messages for account limit errors
  • Update to statistics columns
  • Check ad strength for responsive search & display ads
  • Detailed recommendations
  • Merchant feed for App campaigns
  • Dynamic ads feed
  • Tips for new users
  • App pre-registration campaigns
  • Business name for Local ads and more recommendations

This update is likely to improve advertisers’ experience using the application, making managing campaigns simpler and more efficient.




Lawsuit Against Google and Facebook for Collusion


10 attorney state generals filed for a lawsuit against Google, denouncing its monopolistic behaviour anti-competitive. This is not the first time the search engine giant has been caughht up in a legal battle with the Department of Justice and it likely won’t be the last. It is expected that the case will last for years, with the most severe outcome forcing Google to break down into smaller companies. At the moment, however, this news is unlikely to affect advertisers using Google platforms.

Justice Hammer



Google Web Stories Ads Available via Display Network

With mounting pressure on Google to make Web Stories more readily available to advertisers, they have launched programmatic ad buying in open beta. Story Ads will be readily available via the Display network, increasing their attractiveness to a range of advertisers.


Google Story Ads


If there was anything else that happened in the last few weeks that you found particularly enticing, feel free to tweet us @upriseUPSEM, email us at, or simply send us a message through our contact page.


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