Paid Media News Round Up: May 2020

– 1st June 2020 –


What happened in the world of Paid Media this month?


May 2020 was quite a quiet month, especially when compared to April. It’s nice to be able to catch our breath! You can view last month’s summary here. You can also sign up our monthly newsletter to get the latest company news straight to your inbox. Here are our highlights in Paid Search from the past few weeks:


Facebook Launches “Shops”

This month, Facebook announced ‘Shops’ – a feature that allows businesses to showcase and sell their products directly from their Facebook Page or Instagram profile!


Rather like to recent Google Shopping changes, this seems to be geared around making the online browsing experience smoother, but also aimed at keeping users on Facebook/Instagram for longer.


Right now, it’s unclear how much this will affect advertising on these social channels, but it’s certainly one to watch.


example of how facebook shop looks on mobile


Update on Ad Credits for SMBs

Over the past few months we mentioned that Google are going to be granting ad credits to select SMBs during this coronavirus pandemic.


These have now started to be rolled out in New Zealand, and will follow to the rest of the world shortly. Watch out if you are eligible!


Changes to Ad Grant Account Activation

Towards the very end of the month, Google released a new method for applying for Ad Grant accounts (Ad Grants accounts allow non-profits up to $10,000 of free paid search spend per month).


This new method appears to be a great improvement, simplifying a fiddly process and removing the need to actually create the account first.


We are planning to try it out as soon as we can!


‘Rising Retail Categories’ Tool

Google have launched a new consumer behaviour tool. This tool highlights growing product categories and queries. Similar to Google Trends, drop down options are available to adjust the time frame and location you are viewing.


According to Google, they have not made this data public before. This should become a useful tool for advertisers helping them judge search demand and offer insight into consumer behaviour, especially during these unpredictable times.


screenshot of Google's new consumer behaviour tool


Did we miss anything?

If there was anything else that happened in May that caught your eye, feel free to tweet us at upriseUPSEM, email us at, or simply send us a message through our contact page.


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