Paid Media News Round Up: March 2020

– 7th April 2020 –


What exciting developments were there in the world of paid media this month?


Is a question our team is asked at every monthly company meeting. Here are some of the announcements we found to be interesting in paid search this month!


Coronavirus/COVID-19 Changes


The big topic around the world over the past few weeks has understandably focussed on one thing. What affect has this had on searches? I’ve picked out some key points.


Google’s SERP for ‘corona’

With search volume for the term exploding over the past few weeks, it’s interesting to see how Google’s pages have changed.


Right now, the page has a bold red section on the left with key stats, and a map with statistics on the left.


Notably, there are few ads, and rarely have we seen any ads on coronavirus based terms. Google have said however, that they are working to whitelist recognised organisations. The cautious approach is understandable, and fair for all concerned.



Screenshot of search results for coronavirus



Search Engine Land have written a good piece on how this page has changed over the past few months.


Working against misinformation and nefarious practices

As is sadly unsurprising, lots of companies are looking to take advantage of people during this crisis. We’ve been impressed by how advertising platforms have been cracking down on this promptly.


Face masks are something thrust into public consciousness at the moment, and Google swiftly banned (along with Bing) any related ads. Facebook followed too with the two examples linked above being remarkably clear about their intentions. This is unlike their normal behaviour!


Google Grants $340 Million Dollars in Ad Credits for SMBs

A nice announcement was that Google are going to be granting ad credits to select SMBs during this time.


There’s no application process, any eligible account will be granted the credits directly into the account your site.


It’s not clear when this will happen (“in the coming months” is the direction given) and who exactly will receive credits. The only clear criteria that has emerged so far is that the account must have been active advertisers since the beginning of 2019.


While there are still unknowns around this programme, it will be a good boost to those lucky enough to receive it.



Easier resubmissions and appeals of ad policy issues in Google Ads


Having disapproved ads in Google Ads is always frustrating. If this happened, you used to have to go through the support channels. Anyone who has done this knows how frustrating this is.


We are therefore really excited by the new feature  which allows you to appeal policy decisions directly in Google Ads. This new functionality will speed up workflows and allow advertisers to resubmit an ad (once any issues are fixed) far more rapidly than before.


The screenshot below illustrates the new “appeal” button in situ, once clicked a simple new menu is presented to submit the issue.


Screenshot of the appeal button in Google Ads dashboard


Google Ads Report Editor Improves Functionality


Report Editor now allows up to 200 accounts to be reviewed at once. This announcement, is a big upgrade from the 10 previously. This is helpful to prevent mass manual report downloading.


However if you are looking at doing analysing accounts together like this, I’d recommend Google Data Studio. It may take a bit longer to set up, but in the long run it’s easy of use and pretty visuals more than make up for it.


We’d love to know if there was anything else that happened in March you found particularly intriguing. Feel free to tweet us at @upriseUPSEM, email us as, or simply send us a message through our contact page.





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