SEO News Round Up: April 2020

– 30th April 2020 –

Aimee, Senior SEO Executive


What happened in the world of SEO in April?


Every month the SEO team is asked about the latest updates in organic at our company meeting. So we’ve put all our favourite stories in one place. Read more to find out what we deemed to be the highlights in SEO news in April. You can also sign up our monthly newsletter to get the latest company news.



New Structured Data Announced


In their constant efforts to support businesses through the pandemic, another update to structured data has been introduced in beta. Enter, SpecialAnnouncements! Thanks to Covid-19, many organizations and companies are being forced to either temporarily close or adapt their method of operation. As a result, these organizations need and want to inform their audiences quickly and efficiently. Adding SpecialAnnouncements markup to your webpage will help your Covid-19 updates appear in search results.


This form of structured data isn’t live yet, but websites can add it to their webpages in advance.



Covid-19 on Google News


Google Search Console announced on Twitter the latest amendments they’ve made to the search results for Covid-19 news. This included ensuring your search results cater to your local area and offer updates from your local community, whether that be local authoritative tweets, or content from local publishers.



Adapting your SEO Strategy


Search Engine Land have published an insightful article outlining the ways in which your company can adapt its SEO strategy to reduce any negative impact caused by Covid-19. Notably, they recommend paying attention to modifiers in search queries; with more and more people self-isolating or working from home, “at home” and “online” variations of keywords are seeing an uplift on Google Trends.


'Baking At Home' Google Trends graph


Google Shopping including Organic listings in the US


Google Shopping made a change this month and is now including free organic listings. This will be a game-changer for companies, particularly Small and Medium Enterprises, that are not utilising paid Google Shopping ads. This update will lead to a growth in visibility and thereby competition as more products are offered to users in Google Shopping.


For SEO, the change will add a new layer to optimisation of products on ecommerce sites.


What will it mean for brands with paid shopping ads?


Our Paid Media Director, Alex, has reviewed the update in his April round up. Here he covers what it could mean for those with paid shopping ads.



Google to tell you when matches to search queries aren’t great


At the end of the month Google announced a new feature to be launched on Search. Now, when Google think there aren’t any results that quite answer the user’s search query, the user will be served a message telling them there aren’t any great matches for what they’ve typed in. The message then goes on to suggest how users can amend their searches to get more relevant results.


This update will not factor in misspellings as Google already has systems in place to detect and correct these. However, we’re intrigued to see how often this feature will appear in search results and to what extent it will impact the content strategy of brands as users are asked to think like their brand.


This is an update first appearing in the US, before being rolled out to other countries.



Did we miss anything?


If there was anything else that happened in April that caught your eye, feel free to tweet us at @upriseUPSEM, email us at, or simply send us a message through our contact page. We’d love to hear from you.


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