Analytics Audits

At upriseUP, we’re all about data! With Google Analytics, you can track all your digital marketing channels in one place, allowing for comparison and optimisation of those channels. Google Analytics enables you to track the effectiveness of different advertising campaigns against each other and use this data to steer your marketing at a strategic level!


However, without the correct analytics setup to begin with, the data you use to analyse, report and optimise with will be inaccurate and potentially damaging. Our Analytics Audit not only reviews your current Analytics setup against best practice, but also helps to prioritise the necessary actions for you to ensure data integrity in your account.

Our Analytics Audits cover:



Google Analytics Goals allow you to track specific KPIs for each digital channel, allowing you to directly see the effectiveness of each channel related to the individual task. It is vital to this that the data being recorded is accurate and that the KPIs are trackable, so we conduct a thorough review of the existing KPIs in the account.

Admin Assessment


We review the settings of the account at a Property and View level to ensure that the account is set up to receive data in the most efficient way. We review how the view structure matches up with the individual clients’ needs and if there are any additional filters or tracking exclusions that need to be in place.

Analysis of the structure


By analysing the structure of the account, upriseUP can ensure that the right people have access to the right reports; and that the correct goals relate to each view. Ensuring that each view has the right environment means the data within the account is as accurate and relevant as possible.


The Analytics Audit itself will assess key components of your account against best practice. This includes ensuring the correct testing views are in place, referral exclusions are appropriate and filters are in place to match each views purpose.


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