Analytics Consultancy

Having accurate and reliable data is what sets Digital Marketing apart from more traditional marketing avenues. We are commonly asked to provide consultancy for clients looking to improve the quality of the Analytics data they have and effectively analyse what it is telling them. All data needs are unique and we offer bespoke solutions tailored to client’s needs. Commonly this falls within one or more of three categories:

Problem Solving


One of our favourite requests is problem-solving Google Analytics data issues. Often Analytics setup can be complex and we are called in to help investigate and resolve problems that may be caused by issues including:


  • Cross domain tracking
  • Mistakes in tracking code or tags
  • Complications caused by iframes
  • Third party data not accurately recording – or retaining user information
  • Inaccurate conversion or eCommerce data that doesn’t tally against a CRM or database.


Often clients have identified a problem in their data but don’t know the cause and we need to investigate first. Either way, we love it. Accurate data is fundamental to devising and delivering an effective digital marketing strategy and we are adamant that our clients receive this.


Further, we’ve yet to be presented with a technical problem that we haven’t been able to resolve!

Analytics Setup


We can help you get your Google Analytics setup right from the start – or redo your Analytics from scratch. Often, we do this through implementing Google Tag Manager first (the two do really work very well together) and now we usually upgrade or install Universal Analytics to ensure that our clients get the best information available – including enhanced audience date and remarketing lists.


We can also implement multiple Properties and Views, for separate reporting, block IP addresses (including clients own IP or spam bots from infecting site data), develop effective conversion tracking (including Ecommerce) and we are working on solutions to have Analytics make a good cup of coffee in the morning. Really, Analytics is an online marketer’s best friend. We want to ensure that the data you have meets its full potential.

Data Analysis


It’s not just about ensuring that clients have accurate data reporting. We can also work with clients to identify trends in web traffic such as audience information, the sources of conversions, which channels are bringing in the most traffic, which channels are bringing in the most valuable traffic and how well pages on the site are performing.


We have a good range of experience in Analysing data and can work with clients to help benchmark where they should be, run analysis on where they are at and help devise strategies from the data that will help them achieve success through online marketing channels.

Cross Domain Tracking


One of the most common issues that we see is when a client has multiple website (including subdomains) which link to each other, but don’t retain user information. This results in the data just reporting on the last domain the user has come from, rather than reporting on the original channel that brought the user to the site.


Our usual best practice recommendation is to have all domains tracking within one Analytics property, with full cross-domain tracking implemented. We believe that we get cleaner data that way.

Ecommerce Setup


Ecommerce tracking not only reports on conversions but reports the actual value of a transaction; it is absolutely vital to understanding your marketing’s ROI. What’s more, this data reports nicely into AdWords and other campaigns and is extremely useful in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), enabling us to ensure that we are paying the optimum amount for traffic through to your site based on the return on that investment.

Conversion Tracking


Some of the most vital data that we need to report on are the final conversions that users complete. This may be a page view conversion, such as visits to a Thank You page; an event that is triggered, such as particular fields being filed out in a form; or the actual value achieved from an Ecommerce transaction. Either way, it is all extremely important for analysis on final impact of your website visitors.


Often clients need help with creating conversions, sometimes they just don’t have the expertise and sometimes there are additional complications that make establishing conversion data that bit harder. Conversion data is at the heart of Analytics so if we can be of use ensuring that this is set up effectively, please let us know. More often than not there is a simple solution, once you have the know-how!


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