Analytics Training

Google Analytics is a piece of web analytics software that tracks and reports on website traffic. It is the most widely used web analytics service in the world, and is typically used to review the performance of your website and individual online campaigns by tracking users’ behaviour.


Many companies are using Analytics, but often employees are intimidated by the large amount of data available, or are even unaware it exists!


However, the data contained within Analytics is extremely useful and should be considered carefully when evaluating your marketing strategy. It is therefore crucial that everyone is able to access this information and use it in the right way, in order to make informed business decisions. This is where we come in.

Our Analytics Training

What To Expect


At upriseUP, transparency and clarity with our training is key. Our Analytics Training package is designed around the Google Analytics interface, the terminology used and the different reports contained within it. With the large amount of data recorded by Analytics, we also show the best ways to extract and present the useful information in a way that can be easily understood.


Our hands-on training goes through working examples within your account, focussing on how to analyse the data and (if needed) make the changes to your account to ensure data integrity. We also explain the technology behind the Analytics system, how the necessary code is implemented and how the data is recorded. By doing so, we allow you to take ownership of your account and setup the relevant goals, filters and reports to showcase your data.

What’s Next?


After our training, participants will be comfortable accessing most reports within Analytics, and confident in manipulating the interface to display the required data. They will be able to leave confident in their ability to use their new knowledge in their day to day work.


By coupling the Analytics Training with a period of Analytics consultancy, upriseUP will be able to support you in the following weeks and help steer your digital marketing strategy. First, we shall review the setup of all aspects of your Analytics account against best practice, with the aim of improving the accuracy of the recorded data, and implementing these changes if necessary. This includes checking how the tracking code is implemented, how the account is structured, and if all necessary conversions are working correctly, which will help improve the accuracy of the recorded data. We will also review the recorded data for any significant trends, and suggest changes to your site based on our findings which should increase your site’s performance.


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