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Google Grants For Charities

For most charities the Google Ad Grants programme represents the lowest hanging fruit. Irrespective of organisation size, Ad Grants offers charities $10,000 value in google Adwords, which increases to $40,000 once accounts are effectively optimised and tracking visitors effectively.


upriseUP are a leading agency at developing Google grants, which operate slightly differently to standard search campaigns and need a different set of strategies and tactics as a result. All of the accounts we manage have maximised on the account spend needed to be eligible for the $40,000 Grantspro. We’ve never promised that we could, but we’ve never failed to do so!

Why Ad Grants?

Effective optimisation can deliver substantial results, immediately. For most charities the practical implications of the basic $10,000 grant are an additional 350+ daily users, targeted by their search activity – exactly who the charity is looking to attract: potential beneficiaries, donors, campaigners, job applicants, or people looking for a charity to support by taking on a physical challenge.


The size of a charity makes no difference. Consequently, Google AdWords makes up over 90% of traffic for some of our smaller clients.


To find out more about the Ad Grants programme please give us a call. We’re passionate about helping charities make the most from this programme.

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Ad Grants account that have been active and meeting the required standards for 6 month can then apply to upgrade to the $40,000 per month Grantspro programme. In order to apply for the increased in-kind advertising spend you will need to match Google’s eligibility requirements which include effectively tracking meaningful conversions, hitting the budget cap and having the account in good standing.

If you have an existing Ad Grant account then we would love to talk to you about the best way to maximise on your traffic in order to receive the Grantspro account – and then use that to it’s full potential.

Or, if you have an existing Grantspro account and would like to discuss with us about how to make the most of it, then please do get in touch, we can definitely help!

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