Online Video Advertising

Online video advertising is by far the fastest growing content medium, it is excellent at boosting awareness and plays a significant role in influencing purchase behaviour and driving actions.


A third of the time people spend online is dedicated to watching videos and 90% of customers believe videos help them make purchasing decisions.

Digital Video Advertising


At upriseUP we are a results driven agency. By harnessing the power of video remarketing, we can drive prospective customers further down the funnel and/or increase awareness of new products. By using formidable contextual targeting we can reach sizable new audiences.


In Google TrueView in-stream video campaigns, where ads appear before a chosen video, an advertiser only pays when a viewer watches 30 seconds of their video (or the entire duration if it’s shorter than 30 seconds) so cost per view can be incredibly attractive. Digital video advertising is also very effective in social media advertising.

We can make effective use of video with:


  • Google TrueView ads
  • Facebook
  • Instagram



Targeting options include but are not limited to:


  • Remarketing
  • Contextual targeting
  • Demographic targeting
online video advertising mediums

We’d love the opportunity to discuss how we can help you implement an online video advertising campaign to achieve your objectives.



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