Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Campaigns


Google Shopping ads are fantastic tools for all advertisers, turning the world’s largest search engine into their own shop window.


Shopping ads allow pictures of products to be seen, along with prices and other details too. They now have a regular position at the top of search screens and, due to the additional features they offer, they act like something of a magnet for consumer traffic.


Also, thanks to shopping ads still being comparatively new and somewhat more technical than standard search ads, there is significantly less competition, all of which increases the profit margin even further!

upriseUP find these Product Listed Ads (PLAs) to be fantastically effective, and by adding these to clients’ campaign we have delivered improved Return On Investment (ROI) time and time again. As a Google Partner agency, we specialise in shopping ads and have found that they are able to deliver exposure, traffic, customers and, through our careful Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) management, significant ROI.

Merchant Centre Feeds


At the heart of shopping ads is the merchant centre, this is where details of the various products need to be uploaded and managed through feeds. We are able to help clients audit their existing feeds as well as update, develop and manage feeds to ensure that they are effectively optimised, accurate and give the most exposure for our clients.


If you are already running shopping ads and would like us to take a look – or if you would like to discuss how these ads can add to your digital strategy, please let us know. Honestly, Shopping Ads our one of our absolutely favourite things and we love to talk about them!