Shopping Campaigns

Paid Search is the ‘quick win’ of search. Google Shopping Ads (formally PLAs), are still relatively new compared to paid search advertising and as such are often less competitive. They are also a fantastically visual and impactful medium which, with the right products, can yield fantastic results.


As Google Shopping campaigns utilise a Data Feed (a spreadsheet of information including product’s name, pricing, delivery costs and type/category), it is imperative to control bids. Our approach to Shopping campaigns is all about showing the right products, to the right users and for the right bid! All together, this yields fantastic results.

Key components of our monthly management can include:

Competitor Analysis

One of the most important factors in shopping ads is being price competitive. As part of our management, we will review competitor pricing and work with our clients to ensure we are promoting products which are price competitive.



Bidding by Intent

By using a bid structure based on user intent, we are able to use a higher bid for products, where the user has shown a higher intent to purchase.



Search Term Analysis

Google Shopping does not allow you to specifically select the keywords you want to trigger your ads. This means that having a tight control over the search terms you are showing for is vital to ensure that you are not only showing for relevant products, but also optimising the bids for those search terms.



Data feed optimisation

The Data feed is the source of information which Google uses to trigger your Shopping Ad in the Google Auction. Without the right keywords in the right places, your Ads will not show for your priority keywords. upriseUP’s expertise in optimising a Data feed will ensure that your ads show at the right time and for the right search terms.