Paid Search Audits

When Paid Search is done right, nothing beats it! However, when Paid Search isn’t done to the right level of care and amount of thought necessary, it can become very costly.


Our Paid Search Audit is designed to not only assess the setup and settings with your account compared to best practice, but will also evaluate your account against the ideal structure and performance expected based on your KPIs.


Our staff are passionate about producing results for our clients, and our audits match this by always putting the client’s needs and wants first.


Our Audits assess the following list of key principles of AdWords performance, and ensure that the account is as well optimised as it should be:



·         Account and Campaign Settings


·         Campaign Performance


·         Keyword Selection


·         Ad Copy


·         Opportunities



Following our Paid Search Audit, we will produce a detailed and thorough report detailing where improvements can be made and where savings can be achieved.


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