Paid Search Campaigns

Also known as PPC, Pay Per Click, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, sponsored ads and more. Nothing beats targeting people at the moment they are looking for your service or product – and Paid Search is the most effective way to do this!


Our paid search campaign service will ensure you see the most immediate results you can get from your digital marketing efforts.


Paid search is the foundation of any advertising strategy. Burst campaigns in display have their place, but organisations should ensure that they have continuous search activity all year round as it is this constant activity that will convert and provide a considerable return on investment.


Focusing on traffic that is going to convert is at our core. There are many factors that must be scrutinised, several major strategies to be implemented and a whole host of miniscule tweaks to optimise the account. When implemented together, this activity yields big results.

Our Approach


We love having a strong link and working relationship with our clients, seeing ourselves as their trusted Digital Advisors. That trust comes from our openness and delivery on results.


By working closely with clients to understand their goals and objectives, we deliver a clear strategy designed to meet (and beat) those objectives; whether they be total revenue, return on invest or cost per acquisition.




Developing a full knowledge of the campaign is key, including the objectives and the audience.



Market opportunities:

We have the tools, the time and the interest to develop a clear picture of each search market we enter. This includes seasonal factors, timings, regional variants and competition. From here we are quickly able to establish where the opportunities are and to exploit these on behalf of our clients.




Focused campaigns optimised with niche ad groups which use pinpoint targeting to cut through the competition at minimal cost; it all starts with the account structure.



Keyword development:

Exhaustive development of multiple keywords variants to make sure that we capture the traffic we want, and filter out that which we don’t.



Ad text:

Precision crafted ads to attract the eye, answer users’ queries and point them to your site. All in less than 100 characters. Easy.



Split testing:

Also known as A/B testing. Every organisation’s audiences are different and we tenaciously test what works and use that to attract more users likely to convert.




Setting up analytics tracking to ensure that all activity is trackable and that conversions are reporting. This is absolutely crucial in order to optimise campaigns and ensure the best possible ROI.