Competitor Analysis

What is Competitor Analysis?


Our competitor analysis service takes your known competitors, conducts a competitive market analysis to find unknown competitors, and analyses their digital profiles. We analyse key components, compare their digital presence to your own and provide detailed insight into where you are beating your competitors, where you are being beaten, and how you can boost your organic ranking on search engine results page.

Our Competitor Analysis service looks into:


Ideas for content to create on your website

Backlink Building:

How to get external links to your website


Organic content from blogging is a fantastic way to bring traffic to your site

Social Media Interaction:

We look at how your customers interact with you and your competitors on social media

Keyword Usage:

We look at the keywords you use compared to the keywords your competitors use

Why Analyse Competitors?


Our goal is to stop prospective clients being enticed to your competitor’s website instead of yours. You don’t want to lose a prospective client looking for your website because you rank lower on the search engine results page.

By analysing competitors’ websites, you can discover what topics your competitors have content on and ensure that you have your own content on the topic to outrank theirs on the results page. You can track how highly you rank for certain keywords that your clients are searching for, see how you compare to your competitors and use that information to fight back!

More Than Competitor Analysis Tools


We conduct research into your online marketing competition using competitor analysis tools to find the specific sites you are competing against, including those not known to you.


Despite the power of market analysis tools, it is the combination of our experience and training in understanding this detailed insight that will help you beat your business rivals. We can recommend the most effective ways to create content and target keywords that outrank your competition on the search engine results page.


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