Keyword Research

What is Keyword Research?


Keywords are a single word or short phrase that are significantly relevant to the content of a web page. For example, an online shop selling red hats would want to have the phrase ‘red hats’ in all key elements of the page – advert, title, meta content and the first paragraph. However, relevancy is not the only factor to consider, keywords also have to fit into the contents of your web page in a comprehensible way; being readable and user-friendly is important to the search engines you are trying to rank on. We have done keyword research for this webpage – can you guess which short phrase we’ve optimised for? (answer at the bottom of the page!*)

Utilising the right keywords is fundamental. Keywords are one of the ingredients that search engines look to when deciding how your website should rank when people search; if you don’t have the right keywords, ranking your website becomes significantly harder. It is vital to do proper keyword research and analysis to generate keywords that are best optimised for search engines and for your webpage. Keywords should be in all aspects of your webpage’s content; from standard text in the middle of the page, to meta content that users do not always see.

The Importance of Keyword Analysis


Choosing the right keyword for a page is a tricky business. You want to select a keyword with good search volume, but not one so competitive that it will take years to rank for it.

If you were to use the keyword ‘puppies’ in everything, purely because it is an often-searched keyword (around 18 million searches in 2016) you won’t get far before you run into problems. Very quickly, search engines will see that people aren’t getting the content they were promised (puppies) and your rank will plummet.

With organic results becoming more localised, keywords that were previously extremely difficult to rank for are now feasible to compete for, even if you have a new website or are a small business.

Keywords must be relevant to your content, in order for those people actually searching for your website or services to be able to find them. Having said that, if your website really is about puppies, please get in touch – we would love to work on a website devoted to puppies!

How to Find the Most Searched Keywords


We collate the most relevant keywords for each of your webpages, combining our keyword research tools and tactical experience to help you rank higher on the results page.

We use Google keyword research tools that give us various information about each keyword; related keywords, average monthly search volume, competition on that keyword, even suggested bids! With access to all of this information, we then have the expertise to know what’s useful and what’s not. Conducting this keyword analysis on every keyword we use allows us to be certain that we can optimise relevant pages on our clients’ websites.


We optimised for ‘keyword research’!


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