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Ongoing SEO Management & Development

SEO is an ongoing process, and therefore it is essential to continually optimise your site.

Ongoing SEO management and development will always achieve the best results when compared to one-off fixes. Since Google and other search engines regularly check sites for technical content and updates, frequently implementing changes will be seen and rewarded accordingly.

Why Ongoing Management?

Our ongoing SEO management & development service involves us optimising your site and monitoring the effect that various factors are having to your position in the search engine results pages (SERPs). This includes our changes, your competition’s efforts, and Google’s algorithm developments. Our changes are always ethical – we don’t try to deceive search engines as this would never work as a long-term strategy thanks to search engine’s continuous algorithm updates.


We like to work closely with our clients and produce a monthly report to ensure clients are updated with the progress we are making each month. Below are some examples of the type of work we would undertake as part of ongoing development:

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Technical Implementation

As new pages and products are added, upriseUP will perform monthly checks on meta tags, including resolving and implementing duplicate and missing page titles and meta descriptions, fixing broken links and backlinks, and conducting link detoxes on the site’s backlink profile.

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Backlink Building

Backlink building is a vital part of our ongoing management, where we provide continued competitor analysis – identifying competitor’s authority links, new backlink generation and outreach through guest posting. For these we use a number of different sources, including review sites, such as Trust Pilot, infographics, video marketing and influencer marketing.


‘Content is King’ so ensuring your content is not duplicated and optimised effectively is key. By reviewing content on site with keyword search volume and identifying under-performing content we’ll resolve any issues that could be hampering performance.

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Internal Linking

Internal linking is vital at passing link equity throughout your site to your priority pages. When we review internal linking we make sure that your top priority pages have been identified along with suitable link areas in your existing content. From here we map your URLs to highlight where pages are interlinking and where link equity is best shared.

Monitoring & Tracking Implementation

We pride ourselves on our results and providing ‘digital marketing that works’, as a result, monitoring and tracking your performance is something we take very seriously. We also like to be as transparent as possible, with all undergoing work being shared through Google Docs so you can see exactly where we’re at.

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Monthly Reporting


We provide monthly reports with detailed analysis to ensure you are kept you up to date with all work implemented and on your current performance. Whilst we do have a standardised reporting template, each report can be tailor-made to include specific data that is valuable to you and your KPIs.



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