Penalty Assessment & Removal

Anyone who has ever been hit by a Google penalty knows just how important it is to avoid this at all costs. Whether you are sure you’ve been hit by a penalty or have a feeling that this might be the case the quicker you do something about it the better a position you’ll be a few months down the line.


Our Google penalty removal and recovery service is designed to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.


It is worth clarifying there are two different types of penalties that can hit a website:




Algorithmic penalties


These are widespread penalties issued by Google (or other search engines) to ensure that bad SEO practices are punished and good ones are rewarded, e.g. Panda or Penguin.


From experience, these penalties can be resolved and sorted within a few months.


Manual penalties


If you incurred one of these you may have a long struggle in hand (We’ve had cases where it’s taken over 6 months to recover organic traffic levels). These occur when bad practice has taken place.




Using search console, Google Analytics and other paid tools at our disposal we can help you identify which pages on your website need to be removed, redirected or cleaned up (where backlinks may be the issue) to help improve results.


Penalties can hit not only from something you did a few months ago but from years past. Always check where your website is with regards to duplicate content, non-useful / thin content and bad backlinking practice.