SEO Website Migration Services

Correctly implementing a website migration can be a difficult process and many fail to consider the effect it may have on your organic traffic. Even those that do often leave it too late and struggle to recover from the hit to their traffic.


We believe that Search Engine Optimisation should be involved at every stage of the website migration process. From the very beginning discussions to long past the migration date, properly executing your website migration is important. We’ve had experience at managing site migrations for many of our clients and have found that when SEO is considered from the start, the inevitable drop in organic traffic is mitigated.


Along with our migration service, you might want to consider optimising your website with our keyword research and on page optimisation services (such as content optimisation).


Types of migration we support:


  • Domain Name change
  • URL Migration
  • Rebranding Migration
  • CMS Migration
  • Consolidating Multiple Domains




Our Approach to Migration


In order to ensure that you see as little of a drop in traffic as possible, we have a number of pre, mid and post-migration checks.


Our Pre-Migration Service


Benchmarking – One of our first steps in to assess how the site is currently performing so we can later use this data as a benchmark.

Outlining Objectives – Identify and outline what the aims and goals of the migration are and devise a strategy to achieve them.

Identify Scope & Strategy – After outlining initial objectives we’ll review the site and identify exactly what is changing and updating and, with client discussions, outline what content is taking its place, map migrating URLs and redirects.



Our Mid-Migration Service


New Site Wireframe & UX Review – Whilst your new site might look like a web designer’s dream, this often doesn’t provide the best experience for users or search engines. We will review the initial structure and provide thoughts and recommendations on how to best optimise the site structure for UX and SEO.



Our Post-Migration Service


Technical Checks – Once the switch has taken place, we will conduct a number of technical checks to ensure that all redirects are set up correctly and that there are no obvious indexing or crawl errors.

Performance Review – Following the migration, we closely monitor organic traffic and keyword performance to ensure that there are no sudden drops in either traffic or keyword position. Where this is identified, we will conduct in-depth reviews of each page affected and devise a strategy to resolve the drop.


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