SEO Audit Comparison

SEO Audits


For clients looking to do better at improving their rankings in Google for relevant search queries, we find that the best place to start is a thorough examination of their websites.

Our audits are written with the very definite intent of making things easy and clear for our clients. We outline the importance of various elements related to SEO, detail how well the client is doing – and where there are issues or opportunities to make improvements.

We then give very clear step by step guidance as to how changes should be implemented.

We also detail where priorities are, identify the low hanging fruit – and also more sizable developments that will make a big impact.

And lastly, we like to run through our audits in a ½ day workshop, where we get the chance to really explain things, as well as developing a plan where any barriers to implementing our recommendations can be identified and removed.

We take great pride in our ability to increase client’s conversions and site traffic through organic search. To this end our SEO audits need to be actionable and so our mission is to make that as easy for clients as possible!


SEO Content Audits


Our content audits are tailored to the needs of our client and their traffic and conversion requirements.

As search engine algorithms now looks towards the overall quality of the site content, our audits aim to investigate and answer the following questions:

  • Is there an adequate amount of content across the pages?
  • Is the content up to date?
  • Is the site logically organised?
  • Is the page content being effectively flagged to search engines?
  • Are meta tags being used appropriately?
  • Which pages are the most popular?
  • Are there any major content gap opportunities?
  • How is the user experience?



SEO Infrastructure Audit Packages

There’s more to SEO than meets the eye, it’s important to understand what is happening under your website’s bonnet. We love using our geeky SEO knowledge to analyse a website’s technical SEO elements.

We provide 3 levels of SEO service, dependent on your requirements and budget. These are essentially broken down into bronze, silver and gold levels. We would love to discuss our packages with you in more detail to determine which would best suit your requirements.




The bronze SEO audit explores a range of SEO elements. Your website’s current performance will be ranked with a brief summary of recommendations for improvement. This audit provides easily digestible information in a checklist style format.

This audit covers:

  • Snapshot of current performance
  • A review of elements affecting how your site can be crawled and indexed
  • A review of the technical functions of your site



The Silver package dives into more SEO elements and includes a more detailed overview of performance and recommended next steps. The audit includes a summary outlining the quick SEO wins and sizeable developments.

This audit covers the following areas:

  • Current Performance
  • A review of:
    • Site indexing and crawlability
    • Technical
    • Internal Linking
  • User Experience Overview
  • Backlinks review
  • Social Media
  • Conversions and Analytics



The Gold package includes all the great features from the Silver package plus a 3.5 hour tailored face-to-face SEO training session. This will allow us the opportunity to review the findings from the audit and discuss the next steps in more detail.