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Project Magi: Google’s Plans to Compete with AI Rivals

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Can Google Bring the Magic with Project Magi?

Google recently announced plans for a brand-new search engine and further development of search features, with the aim to provide a more tailored user experience to their current search engine under Project Magi.


A New Google Search Engine?

Google has announced that it is in the process of building a brand-new search engine using the power of its new AI technology. This new search engine will look to give users a more personalized experience than we currently have when searching on Google.

Once again, Google intends to get ahead of the competition and set the future for search with a new personalised searching experience which aims to truly understand what the users want to know, based on searching habits. There will be an addition of preselected options for things to purchase, information for research and other elements.

There haven’t been any timelines or further information regarding the new search engine releases as of yet. So for now, SEOs should focus on optimising their site for Google as we know it. We would definitely suggest keeping an eye out for developing updates in the near future though.


Google’s Project Magi

As well as the announcement of a new search engine, Google also said they are making updates to add new features to the current search engine.

Magi’s main project will focus on users purchasing products/services by allowing users to complete these normal financial transactions all whilst still being served paid ads.

Search engine land have listed other Google projects being developed under project Magi such as:

  • Google Earth’s mapping technology with help from AI and search for music through a conversation with a chatbot.
  • GIFI would use AI to generate images in Google Image results.
  • Tivoli Tutor, would teach users a new language through open-ended AI text conversations.
  • Searchalong, would let users ask a chatbot questions while surfing the web through Google’s Chrome browser.

What does Google have to say?

Lara Levine, a Google spokesperson had said to the New York Times, “We’ve been bringing AI to Google Search for years to not only dramatically improve the quality of our results, but also introduce entirely new ways to search, such as Lens and multisearch. We’ve done so in a responsible and helpful way that maintains the high bar we set for delivering quality information. Not every brainstorm deck or product idea leads to a launch, but as we’ve said before, we’re excited about bringing new AI-powered features to Search, and will share more details soon.”

For now, we’d recommend optimising our site for current search ensuring you keep content and user experience at the forefront of your SEO strategy. It’s important to keep an eye out for further developments. As Lara Levine said, these are only ideas currently, and not every idea leads to a launch.


Want to prepare your SEO strategy for the future of search?

The SEO industry is constantly changing, with new search trends emerging year by year. If you want to prepare your charity for future search trends, we’d love to help you! Take a look at the benefits of ongoing SEO management or email us at hello@upriseup.co.uk for a friendly chat.

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